Our story.


The origins of the Greenbull adventure.

Creation of Greenbull Investment, dealing in private equity investing. Driven by the desire to make an impact, university friends then aged 23, joined forces and took out consumer loans to launch this business. The slogan "Together we achieve more" is born!


The beginning of algorithmic trading.

Launch of Greenbull Capital. With the initial objective of boosting savings and increasing investment capacity, the partners created an automated trading and risk management tool.


The acceleration of private equity activities!

Greenbull Financial was formed and made major private equity investments in real estate in the United States, Canada and Dubai. Property development operations were then launched in Switzerland with Greenbull Estate.


The birth of Greenbull Group.

Greenbull Group SAS was formed to bring several business activities together involving real estate, private equity, financial markets, and of course, create new business opportunites. Santors and Santors Care were the first two to emerge, addressing the french health insurance market head-on. A 100m² office was set up on the Côte d'Azur in Carros, including a private meeting room where all major decisions were made.


The era of expansion.

Greenbull Campus (formerly Think Big Editions) was integrated and perfectly complemented the Group with its fully digital training universe for real estate investors. Greenbull's mission is becoming clearer, offices are expanding quickly, large recruitment drives begin... "we are expanding operations".



More than 800m² of office space is now home to around 50 employees. Our mission is now confirmed: we will revolutionise personal finance. Greenbull Group deploys its own equity investment company in Switzerland and launches companies ARYA and myclubdeal.com in the United Arab Emirates (ARYA; an ecosystem for people to better invest in the financial markets, myclubdeal.com; an exclusive club of private equity investors).


The moment of truth

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the Group's flagship brands became leaders in the French market, both in terms of reputation and performance. The Greenbull team was stronger than ever and with great cohesion allowed us to get through the health crisis stronger and on the rise. Together, we are now revolutionising your finances!



Greenbull expands to Dubai with a new 750m² office opening its doors to 30 new employees. In total, Greenbull Group now holds more than 1600m² of office space, including +100 Greenbullians and welcomes our first English-speaking customers!


Global leader in personal finance


“Together we achieve more” joins talented people from different backgrounds.

Greenbull is a collection of personal stories, partnerships, and shared ambitions that impact everyone involved.

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